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RMQ, The smart waste bin for accurate waste collection rates


RMQ by Adambì is the most advanced and intelligent skip on the market. In fact, this bin offers:

  • An accurate quantification of waste conferred by each individual user;
  • Constant monitoring of the fill level of the skip.

At the same time, this skip also avails of a unique system for:

  • The application of a precise rate (“Pay As You Throw”);
  • The efficiency of the collection service (with optimisation of the collection routes).


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RMQ, innovation in action

How RMQ works

  • Identifies the user through an electronic key (RFID tag, magnetic card or smartphone);
  • Accurately detects the amount of waste conferred by the individual user;
  • Measures and communicates the fill level of the container at predetermined intervals so as to optimise collection routes;
  • Periodically communicates the additions of each individual user;
  • Interfaces with the Adambì monitoring software or with third-party software for information exchange.

Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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To illustrate all advantages offered by RMQ, let’s compare the benefits of collection via RMQ with those of the most common waste accounting systems currently in use – the volumetric chute for curb-side collection and bins (or bags) with RFID tags for waste collection.


RMQ is able to monitor and quantify waste without additional mechanical moving parts for opening/closing the container or limiting the volume of waste introduced.

The patented multi-sensor optical technology with which RMQ is produced is able to detect and quantify the waste introduced in accordance with predefined thresholds in agreement with the management (typically being 4 - small 15-litre bags, medium 30-40 litre bags, large 110-litre bags and oversized bags greater than 150 litres).

This makes RMQ easy to use, especially since users do not have to change their habits in throwing out waste (including waste of medium bulk) with the same methods – with the exception of opening the bins with an electronic key. This reduces the likelihood of improper disposal outside the container.

The absence of mechanical parts also means no jamming or relative maintenance costs.


Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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The main advantage of using RMQ instead of a door-to-door collection system with bins or bags with RFID tags is economic.


Thanks to the optimisation and efficiency of the collection process – and the consequent reduction in the amount of emptying required, the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and personnel costs – the economic benefits are quite substantial indeed.

Yet, RMQ is not only an alternative but represents a valid support to classic door-to-door collection with RFID tags. In the context of condominiums or high-concentration housing, the classic door-to-door system is often poorly received by citizens due to the unsightly placement of bins or bags in the areas adjacent to the houses and the collection frequencies that limit the conferment in terms of days and set times.


Thanks to the use of RMQ, all of these problems would be resolved by improving the quality of service for citizens and reducing operating costs (less equipment required, fewer collections and lower personnel costs).


Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions

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